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Combined (Water in Oil / TBN) has started Test Kit Sale

We have signed a new ground. Products from IMO approval (approval) became the first Turkish company.

Technical Bulletin


    Hardness of the sample to be analyzed 1.Deney container is shaken with 5 ml of the test sample container is filled. 3 drops of solution instilled 2.Üzerine BUFFER INDICATOR, shake. If 3.Su hard purple red color. 4.Titrasyon solution is added drop by drop and shake after each drop. Purple green red color into the start of the experiment was concluded at 5.Titrasyon olur.Damlatma process should be held upright. 1 drop titration left .= 9 ppm (mg / l) = 0.9F (French hardness) Note: The system 5 F = 50 ppm water hardness does not exceed the value of the system so damıtılış (demineralized) water is supplied by a recommendation. Hard water is made with the supply of phosphate in the boiler must be kept in the range 30-40 ppm